Table of Contents | 17 August 2015
You practice medicine long enough, someone will get hurt and it’ll be your fault. You do your best to protect your patients from yourself and your human failings. When you can’t, you learn how to cope with the guilt. Or you don’t, and you quit. Or you overdose and you quit forever. Or you respecialize.
What follows is an attempt to introduce you to a lovely show. This won’t be easy, because Ghost in the Shell is complicated.
I had several very long conversations with Jed, weighing pros and cons, and asking ridiculous amounts of questions. He was extremely thoughtful and patient. Each time I would end the conversation by thanking him and saying that I was pretty sure I still wouldn't apply to become an editor. But I kept coming back to thinking about how much I loved the magazine.
Each note vibrates its emptiness.
In this episode of the Strange Horizons podcast, editor Anaea Lay presents Arie Coleman's "20/20."
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