Table of Contents | 17 March 2008
I didn't like the way all the marbles were piled on top of each other, because that's not how the worlds are. Worlds have lots of space between them, and they whiz around, and they bounce off the edges of the universe and whiz back toward the middle, or they bounce off other worlds, only worlds don't collide much any more because people steer them with their singing.
A lot of what science fiction does is overthrow assumptions that we have about the world, and it's much easier to do that if you've already had that experience.
Every SF writer, if he or she is not heartless, must have at least one story dealing with Zeppelins.
The series covers the next five years of life on our planet: survival, sex, cloning, road trips, an Amazon cult, pirates, androids, monkeys, and much more. Will human civilization die out in one generation?
I'm not the type of man / who needs a son,
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