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When I first got here, the words came difficultly. People would ask questions. Questions! They'd ask me what I wanted. I'm telling you what I want. The woman in my thoughts. Can't you see her?
When Bunsang finally recovered, he was thinner than ever, only now he had a pig's keen nose and could smell the eggs cooking in the neighbor's house, even though the neighbors were a day's walk away.
In the beginning the author created the concept and the story.
"I always loved the big cosmic sweep. Asimov, Niven and Sheckley for their prose, deceptively straightforward; I studied their short stories especially trying to learn how to do it."
Do you listen to music while writing? Ever gotten story inspiration from a piece of music? A survey.
It was supposed to be a time machine.
Violet Miranda: Girl Pirate , page 8 of 24. A serialized graphic novel.
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