Table of Contents | 19 September 2005
In the Year of the Dragon, Kwong found a glittering scale by the well and brought it home to his wife, for it reminded him of the sea.
Even in its more twisted versions, the cold equation always results in the death of one person or group to save the lives or honor of another person or group
Movies, comic books, anime, video games, music, television shows, poetry—if it's out there and it's got some speculative content, we want to be reviewing it here at Strange Horizons .
Aunt Marybelle being Unitarian, see, / and thus already well-versed / in unnatural ways with peanut butter
But Arcadia couldn't be destroyed. It ran on its own set of self-replicating nanoscale processors that blew on the wind until they found a place with sun and silicon and set about reproducing.
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