Table of Contents | 21 July 2003
Lallie slowly showed me something better than numbers. Matrices and transformations, laws, proofs, operations. Every number has a million faces, but the million faces all line up and you can cancel them all out and just be left with abstractions, blank-faced letters alone at the heart of everything. Do not, ever, tell me there's no god.
Pleiades boosts outsystem on a slow, spiral orbit, jealously leaching energy from bloated Sol, staying ahead of the limits of the radiation shielding. Sister Sun eats her children.
"My research for Veniss was easy—look around you. We're destroying this planet at a rate far faster than anyone could have conceived of even sixty years ago."
Ammut snapped up their hearts / and swallowed, the juice filling her mouth, the hearts / dropping into the great empty hollowness at her center.
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