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We knew that our stupid model rockets wouldn't be able to reach the Watchers, and she knew that we knew. But Mrs. Hildegaard had taught kindergarten for fifteen years before teaching science at East Junior High, and old habits die hard. So she gave us our assignment with the conceit that our spray-painted tubes of cardboard would somehow have enough force to break through Earth's atmosphere and grab the Watchers' attention.
Reading multiple books at once inevitably causes words, phrases, entire paragraphs to pose and juxtapose and interpose and superimpose, to dance and breed, until the reader's mind is either a cacophony of a symphony, and the closed covers of books resting on a table or the floor cannot silence all the notes they've got to share.
the stations spin like cooling stars
At the end of his life, Lovecraft apparently abandoned the mysterious, marvelous, and occasionally frightening country of dreams in order to depict a world invaded by terrifying aliens, for whom mankind is nothing. Does that mean that he turned away from the world of dreams for good?
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