Table of Contents | 27 April 2009
The girl is gone from the castle and her stepmother wanders the corridors. Here is another way of saying the same thing: the girl wanders the corridors, but her stepdaughter is nowhere to be found.
Franklin's Autobiography isn't characterized by such obvious strangeness as Gulliver's Travels , yet it also presents readers with an imaginative and alternative way of viewing both Franklin's and their own world.
For a few years, I did not want to admit an attraction to horror stories. It's an odd thing to have done, since if any type of stories has consistently attracted me as a reader, they are horror stories, but nonetheless, when I started coming to terms with the fact that yes, my life as a reader had been and was going to continue to be the life of someone profoundly affected by and attracted to genre fiction, I didn't want to admit that the effect and the attraction included horror fiction.
I was bearded with words.
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