Table of Contents | 27 May 2002
No anadi, no female, can escape the mind-death. It may claim you while you carry your first child or wait until your sixth, but it will claim you.
The most outrageous example from the Vertigo line is the Preacher series. The main character, Jesse, the "preacher" of the title, finds that he shares his body with a being named Genesis, the child of a liaison between an angel and a demon. Upon the birth of Genesis, God leaves his post in Heaven and hides on Earth. Jesse and Genesis decide to hunt down God and make him answer for the evils of Creation.
In a weak moment, the boy counts— / one body, two, a dozen / and he wonders if their ghosts / remember him. . . .
From the ancient times of Stonehenge, to images of Spaceman visitors we hear musical explorations of our human soul. The final track, "The Lost Cycle," tells a moving Science Fiction story against a musical background of compelling composition and inspired performances.
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