Table of Contents | 3 December 2001
"After spending many, many years attempting to apply myself to unsuitable jobs, I now discover that I can express myself as an artist, through a medium with unlimited possibilities."
"The comedy in my fiction functions as a kind of Trojan horse. It lets me smuggle all sorts of grand opinions into each story without seeming too pretentious."
I went through a big paradigm shift when it was first pointed out to me that for many purposes, science fiction is simply a marketing category. A couple years after that, I heard Kris Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith talk at a convention about fiction that spans genre boundaries; if I remember right, they said that a science fiction romance novel would sell something like ten times as many copies if marketed as a romance than it would if marketed as SF.
our footprints, / pristine, eternal, / mark paths of to and from.
The big flying turtle was about set to barbeque downtown Tokyo when the drive bell rang, and up sluiced a car so damn gorgeous it hurt to look at it.
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