Table of Contents | 30 April 2012
My fondness for "The Gods of Reorth" is born both of the story and of the cultural context in which it appeared.
Jael remembered years of famine, of drought, of blight. Once she had sent a plague. It had hurt, watching the inexorable processes of disease and death sweep over her people. She had not asked reasons for that.
The mower cable�s puzzled into knots again / and somewhere, out of sight, a spider freezes / as that dropped screw rolls to a halt.
One of the handiest things about speculative fiction is its ability to provide shorthand for an exploration of the human condition.
A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of announcing Brit Mandelo as one of our new fiction editors. This week, I'm delighted to announce that she's being joined by Julia Rios.
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