Table of Contents | 30 May 2016
In this episode of the Strange Horizons podcast, editor Anaea Lay presents Nalo Hopkinson's "Left Foot, Right."
As a coda to our Nalo Hopkinson special, we're pleased to reprint her announcement of a new award for the SF community.
This week's special issue isn't the only time we've covered Nalo Hopkinson's work. An interview from 2000, with Mary Anne Mohanraj An interview from 2013, with Sofia Samatar Reviews: Midnight Robber, reviewed by Heather Shaw (2001) Skin Folk, reviewed by Rob Gates (2002) Mojo: Conjure Stories, reviewed by Rob Gates (2004) The Salt Roads, reviewed by Sean Melican (2004) The New Moon’s Arms, reviewed by J.C.
Her work pushes through like an epic journey of encounters and self-transition.
Her feet feel unfamiliar in her plain white washekongs, the tennis shoes she used to wear so often, before her world fell in. Now she only wears two sides of shoes when she needs to fake normal.
wouldn't you be foolish if you tried to tackle me / in anything so complex as a kiss or a conversation?
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