Table of Contents | 6 August 2001
"As an artist my primary concern is in making the world real. This means realistic and unique people, costumes, architecture, and animals."
Special relativity looks, at first blush, like nothing so much as a bundle of contradictions.
Authors ask, from time to time, why we didn't want horror stories. That's a fairly easy one to answer—because we don't like horror. More recently, authors have been asking what we mean by "horror," though, and that's a little harder to answer.
Slowly, painfully, she turns to the window, / Glaring as her train passes through the city. / Despite knowing them as rapists who fancied themselves as gods, / It has become hard to frown at their straight-edged encroachment; / Success was found in failure.
He might have been reduced to one eye, one arm, and scarcely more than one good leg, but Lightning Jack lacked nothing in between. Nothing at all.
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