Table of Contents | 6 June 2005
Shooting a target a million miles distant would require targeting accuracy on the par of a sharpshooter hitting a flea from orbit.
It would be a shame for 2005 to be known as the Year of No Movements.
handsome, sullen, clad in / diamonds of rose and black, / wearing Harlequin's peaked hat, / the nature of his magic / as yet unsculpted.
Violet Miranda: Girl Pirate , page 15 of 24. A serialized graphic novel.
Scarcely twenty feet in front of him, a dozen kingfishers skimmed low over the chemical-streaked water in the culvert. He'd never seen even one kingfisher before; now there were a full dozen. If his heart hadn't been broken, Jamie reckoned he might have been amazed.
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