Table of Contents | 9 July 2007
"Jessie hated having her picture taken," the girl tells him. He would like to tell her what a young girl she is for all of this, too young for ripped-out throats and missing women. He would like to squeeze her hand, but he stays on his side of the booth and watches the waves and the gray sky and he waits for her to quiet.
Zach McCain is an internationally published artist whose work ranges from illustrations for books, magazines, and graphic novels, to artwork for trading cards, t-shirts, and CDs.
All facetiousness about just who the show was intended for aside, the simple fact was that he "liked some science fiction a lot and hated most" of the rest. In particular, he'd more than had his fill of "do-gooders trying to save the universe in highly derivative plots."
Dr. Moreau, with his uplifted / beasts, might be considered / the father of this line of research
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