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I come from a long line of artists, though I did not realize this until I noticed that an awful lot of the paintings, sculpture, and fiber art in my family's houses was made by—my family. I've been working professionally as an artist and writer for the last six years, and before that I was a graphic designer who paid rent on a painting studio she could never find the time to work in. All of that changed when I sustained a repetitive strain injury at my last dot-com job and realized that if I healed, I had better darn well do what I was supposed to do. I am.

Some people want to know whether I have thought about illustrating children's books—after the first hundred people asked, I realized I should get on that. If you know a children's book editor looking for my sort of work, put us in touch.

A little Strange Horizons trivia: three of these paintings, "The Givers," "Butterfly Tribe," and "Dragon Family," were all done for Strange Horizons founding editor Mary Anne Mohanraj, as birth announcements for her daughter (she chose "Butterfly Tribe").

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