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Chris Willrich ( lives in Silicon Valley where he has the strange and wonderful job of children's librarian. His most recent fiction was "The Lions of Karthagar," in Black Gate 15. You can find him irregularly on his blog at Goblins in the Library, or read his work in Bound for Evil: Curious Tales of Books Gone Bad and The Best of Beneath Ceaseless Skies Online Magazine, Year One.

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21 Sep 2022

There is little more inspirational than a writer who devotes her talents to the work of others.
I was twelve when my mother was born. Twelve or thereabouts. If I’d been older, I could have said things like I never wanted to be a daughter; I don’t have a filial bone in my body. Relatives could have tilted their heads at me, insisting I’d change my mind. But I was twelve so I said nothing. I had no relatives.
a few miles from the fallout zone. / You double-check the index card
Unripe morning / cut open too soon
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