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Cristina Diamant is a PhD candidate at Babeș-Bolyai University. She is currently acting as co-director of the London Science Fiction Research Community, helping organise reading groups, workshops, and conferences, while her work as a trade union representative with the Independent Workers Union enables her to represent Romanian and Moldovan immigrant workers. Her research interests include gender studies, labour rights, media studies, monster studies, pop culture, and posthuman studies, especially in the context of investigating various representations of otherness. Contact Cristina via Twitter at @MsCrisDiamant.

Current Issue
15 Apr 2024

By: Ana Hurtado
Art by: delila
I want to sink my faces into the hot spring and see which one comes out breathing. I’m hoping it’s mine.
Mnemonic skills test positive: inaccurately positive.
pallid growths like toadstools, / and scuttling many-legged things,
Wednesday: How I Killed the Universal Man by Thomas Kendall 
Issue 8 Apr 2024
Issue 1 Apr 2024
Issue 25 Mar 2024
By: Sammy Lê
Art by: Kim Hu
Issue 18 Mar 2024
Strange Horizons
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Issue 12 Feb 2024
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