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James Mendez Hodes is a Filipino-American writer, game designer, cultural consultant, and martial artist from the greater New York metropolitan area. He earned a bachelor's degree in Religion, with minors in Dance and English Literature, from Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania; and a master's degree in Eastern Classics from St. John's Graduate Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico. You might know him from his ENnie Award-winning work on role-playing games like 7th Sea and Scion, his blog where he makes fun of the children for whom he runs role-playing games, or his translation of Homer's Iliad into rap. His primary party role is tank, secondary support.

Twitter: @LulaVampiro
email: lula dot vampiro at gmail dot com
Facebook: lula.vampiro

Current Issue
21 Nov 2022

As far back as I could remember, Oma warned me about the bats. She said they would eat me if they found me exposed at night. But I knew the green light of the moon would protect me, even when I was still smaller than Oma.
The truth is: / she does not have to bend into a ceramic plate to carry us beautifully, & my father / isn't the hand that will break her.
the rattle of the rails, the shuffling-muttering of hundreds of passengers nestled in the one long limb of you
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