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J. G. Lynas writes weird and speculative fiction. His work has been published in Visual Verse and the North American Review, where it was selected as an honourable mention for the Kurt Vonnegut Prize. He is a PhD student, Wolfson Scholar, and sessional teacher at the University of Warwick. Twitter: @jg_lynas.

Current Issue
5 Dec 2022

We found you, and you alone, in a universe that had forgotten to die.
there is something queer about this intention—
In my calculus class was a man in an iridescent polo and pigeon feathers in his dark, tangled hair.
Friday: Into the Riverlands by Nghi Vo 
Issue 28 Nov 2022
By: RiverFlow
Translated by: Emily Jin
Issue 21 Nov 2022
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Issue 21 Sep 2022
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