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A Nigerian-born, British writer/director based in France and the UK specialising in both short and long form fiction. Trained at the London Film School, before which he had already explored various creative endeavours in theatre, graphic novels, short story writing and photography as well as, of course, film.

His first short film in the LFS, Les Mémoires d'un temps passé, was screened in the art4lux, third edition (2007) of the European Forum for Emerging Creation in Luxembourg and was previously short listed for the FIPA in Biarrtiz (2007). His graduation short film Untitled 6 was selected for worldwide distribution by Shorts International.

Since then he has written and directed numerous short films in various genres, as well as a number of feature film projects including Paris 60The Fighter's Ballad starring Clive Russell and Japanese murder mystery Random 11 as well as the upcoming feature sci-fi drama After The World Ended. He is currently working on other feature films, scripts and independent projects as a writer-director, while remaining active developing shorter projects and experimenting with form.

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18 Sep 2023

Ama’s arm rested protectively around the girl’s shoulder as the giant bird glided above, its head angling right to left. Violet-black wings soared across a cloudless sky, blocking the sun’s midday rays and swathing sections of the village in deep shadow. Given its size, this argentavis was one of her first, but too far above for her to differentiate by name. Even across the distance, Ama could feel its heartbeat synced to hers, their lives intertwined until death.
She is leaving the world that is pink with desire, on her gray cardboard rocket ship.
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