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Congratulations, ForeverFete™ Member!

By now, you've received your Portal Ticket confirmations and ForeverFete™ Mas Pack, which should include essentials such as several period correct costumes; one-dose capsules for various ailments common amongst the British West Indies population during your Visitation; purification tablets; full nutrition bars; and contact information for your ForeverFete™ Ambassador should you require assistance on your journey.

As a dedicated Carnival baby, you have chosen to join us for this once-in-a-lifetime premiere Extreme Experience to the origins of our Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. Each trip will be to a unique, historical event that predates the singular pleasures of the current world-famous festival. Not only will you witness history, but in true ForeverFete™ fashion, you can join the celebrations and FETE TO THE MAX AT FOREVERFETE'S BACK IN TIMES FETES™ with your ancestors!

In order to have safe, enjoyable experiences, we ask you to keep this list of Dos and Don'ts in mind as you fete your way through several centuries.

  1. DO...Remember that for part of your journey, your cover will be as a member of a rich Creole plantation-owning family. Please practice your etiquette and language lessons regularly to help prepare you for the Mardi Gras celebrations of this class.However, once you have arrived, be cautious with the consumption of the strong alcoholic beverages available at these events, as this can lead to inappropriate behaviour that could endanger you or your fellow travellers. Wining on other guests would be considered lewd behaviour. We do not wish to spoil the fun by extracting persons who have scandalized citizens of that time with modern fete dance forms.
  2. DO...Note that costumes for the Mardi Gras portion are full coverage and may be uncomfortable for extended periods of time due to the heat generally experienced at the beginning of the year. Please ensure that you wear them correctly and ONLY during plantation house fetes. Masks should always remain on, and femme-presenting travellers should be careful to keep their hair covered as expected by white society.
  3. DO...Travel in threes. A person of colour alone is a target, no matter their social standing. As Creole landowners, two should pose as servants. As slaves, one should pose as an Overseer or Mistress. If you choose to take the Ancestor Package, remember to keep with you AT ALL TIMES the “permission” letter allowing you outside the sugar plantation.
  4. DON'T...Forget that you cannot read nor write, unless you are in your Creole costume. If you do forget and are taken by the authorities, remember to touch the alarm implanted in your inner forearm to summon the Ambassador. Anyone so removed, however, will not be eligible for travel to this time period for at least two more ForeverFete™ promotions.
  5. DO...Keep in mind your handmade costumes constructed from cheap cotton are meant for those events held in the slave quarters of the plantation. Although the Babydoll and Dame Lorraine costumes mimic the finery of the plantation owners, they should NOT be worn near the Big House.Should the partygoers approach, as usual, to observe the festivities, you may dance before them and participate fully as you wish. Slave revelry is usually indulged at this time. If you choose to attend the Mardi Gras celebrations first, your masks should protect you from recognition by the ruling class.
  6. DON'T...Spend the night at the slave quarters, no matter your condition. On rare occasions, Feters have been caught up in overnight developments, such as being brought out to entertain revellers, or to attend to unexpected emergencies such as fires at neighbouring plantations. You will be continuously tracked via your implant and shall remain perfectly safe. However, you may need to carry out a day of labour to allow for unobtrusive extraction, and that might be taxing, even for the experienced ForeverFete™ member.(Warning: Those of you taking the Ancestor Package are advised that this is NOT a sanctioned part of your experience. Neither is an attempt to incite slave revolt, murder of the overseer, etc., as this leads to consequences for ALL present, traveller or not, and may disrupt the timeline in unacceptable ways. Anyone carrying out these activities will have their experience wiped, their membership revoked and will be charged by the Trinidad and Tobago Chrono Security Force with a Chaos Effect Offense under the Trinidad and Tobago Chronological Voyage Act of 2084, Section 22 - Provisions and Regulations for Portal Tourism Operators, Clause 16 - Offences and Penalties for Violation of Portal Tourism Regulations. We admire your commitment to retributive justice, but ask that if this is your focus, you instead try membership at our sister company, HISTORYREBORN™, where you can carry out subversive historical incidents safely and without more than the historically recorded loss of life.)
  7. DO...Enjoy the Chanterelles Under the Stars Experience whether you have taken the Ancestor Package or the First Peoples Package. These singers and their contests of song gave rise to the Calypsonians of today. During work in the fields, chanterelles singing in patois spread the news of the day and helped make the work of the slaves go faster with their songs. During the night, in your later Visitations, they will sing of the issues and problems of society in the city centres and under calypso tents. Be sure to upgrade your language add-ons before departure, so you can appreciate the full wit and commentary of their musical renditions. See such musical heroes as The Mighty Sparrow, Calypso Rose, Singing Francine and Attila the Hun in their prime!(Those participating in the Ancestor Package are allowed to experience the chanterelles at any point in time, but we caution you to not request such anachronisms as autographs. Souvenirs and materials of any kind from outside the Timeline are forbidden under the Trinidad and Tobago Chronological Voyage Act of 2084, and can only be purchased from our Mas Camp on your return. Your implants will record everything you see and say, and a full vid of your experience is part of your Final Celebration Pack.)
  8. DON'T...Forget to be careful if you are participating in the Canboulay riots of 1881 and 1884. The first portion of the night will be much singing, drumming, and parading, but once the British officers arrive to try to quell the Carnival celebrations, we suggest you try to avoid the worst of the violence.If, however, you have signed up for the Canboulay bonus experience, feel free to participate in the beating of Captain Baker and any officers that might come your way. Injury and death figures from that period are far from certain and it should not affect the timeline in any way if the descendants of the freed slaves join their forebearers in seeking to express their rage against tyrannical rule.
  9. DO...Ensure you sign up for extra travel, health, and life insurance before leaving for your trip. Although we are committed to safe, thrilling party experiences, accidents and the unexpected do happen.
  10. DON'T...Partake in events which are NOT part of your BACK IN TIMES FETES™ package or bonus experience tiers. Although your Mas Pak would have included the results of your BACK IN TIMES™ DNA profile, and ForeverFete™ stands by the accuracy of its lab, which allows us to place members within 40 kilometres of their genetic progenitors, kindly remember that there is no guarantee as to whether these persons ONLY contain genetic ties to slavers or the enslaved.Those who are feting with their European or Creole ancestors may be unaware of enslaved ancestors. It would be unfortunate for such a member to take part in any event in which an ancestor is punished or killed. For this reason, all violence (apart from the Canboulay riots bonus experience) is expressly forbidden. Anyone who engages in such behaviour will be returned to the Timeline, permanently banned from Portal activity in any travel capacity, and charged by the Trinidad and Tobago Chrono Security Force with a Chaos Effect Offense under the Trinidad and Tobago Chronological Voyage Act of 2084, Section 22 - Provisions and Regulations for Portal Tourism Operators, Clause 16 - Offences and Penalties for Violation of Portal Tourism Regulations.
  11. DON'T...Disrespect the customs and practices of our First Peoples should you choose to enjoy the First Peoples Package bonus experiences at the villages of the Taino, Kalinago, and other indigenous cultures. Study your advance guidelines carefully and remain with the local tour guides who will ensure you have an educational and enjoyable communion with your forebearers during their celebrations.We wish to take this opportunity to thank those of you who selected this important historical bonus. The recordings of your experiences will contribute greatly to the Timeline's incomplete records of the First Peoples and allow for more authentic and successful HISTORYREBORN™ events.
  12. DON'T...Give in to the common instinct to find your family's progenitors and tell them of the future, or your identity, should you manage to locate them on your travels. As part of ForeverFete™'s full compliance with the Trinidad and Tobago Chronological Voyage Act of 2084, we will be forced to wipe all persons who come into contact with knowledge of the future, and persons who knowingly violate these rules will be returned to the Timeline, permanently banned from Portal activity in any travel capacity, and charged by the Trinidad and Tobago Chrono Security Force with a Chaos Effect Offense under the Trinidad and Tobago Chronological Voyage Act of 2084, Section 22 - Provisions and Regulations for Portal Tourism Operators, Clause 16 - Offences and Penalties for Violation of Portal Tourism Regulations.

We urge you to remember that although your BACK IN TIMES FETE™ package may bring you into contact with the realities of a time of great turmoil and suffering for many, your ancestors have already survived to have their legacies live on in you, our resilient, joyous, members.

This Timeline is one of peace and prosperity for our people, and the CARICOM region has maintained harmony and corporation throughout the climate and conflict upheavals of the early 22nd century up to today. Any deviation in the Timeline prior may affect the positive developments we currently enjoy.

So, although it may be difficult, should you find your family, please use your time wisely.

Dance with them.

Sing with them.

Smile and laugh with them.

Share your joys while you can.

Welcome to ForeverFete™

Where the Celebration Never Ends![1]

[1] ForeverFete™ recognizes that some members may have difficulty assimilating to the Timeline after their experience with us. We would like to encourage such members to consider HISTORYREBORN™ for future Portal adventures. Over the next month, there will be a 50% discount for all persons who signed up for a ForeverFete™ Mas Package during the last year.

Should members feel the need to take restorative action, please note that there is a steady demand for local guides, Ambassadors, and Chrono Agents. Members may visit the holosite for the Ministry of Chronological Industries for more information on how to qualify and apply for such positions.

R.S.A. writes speculative fiction from Trinidad and Tobago. Her debut science fiction mystery novel, Lex Talionis, is an Amazon Bestseller. She has published critically acclaimed short fiction in magazines such as Clarkesworld MagazineEscape PodInternazionale Magazine, and several anthologies. Learn more at
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