Table of Contents | 1 August 2016
Imagine you're listening to your favorite kind of music: a symphony, a rock band, a chiptune; anything with multiple instruments or parts.
Part of being a princess in the kingdom of Splöstlienne meant learning the things one might expect princesses to be taught
Direct link: Gorse Daughter, Sparrow Son (mp3) In this episode of the Strange Horizons podcast, editor Anaea Lay presents Alena Indigo Anne Sullivan's "Gorse Daughter, Sparrow Son (Part 1 of 2)." You can read the full text of the story, and more about Alena, here. Subscribe to the Strange Horizons podcast: iTunes | RSS | Other Options
Phobos and Deimos, alien mockeries - / Make our moons birds of prey. They will learn how to hunt.
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