Table of Contents | 1 November 2010
After his brother died, Hitoshi Watanabe quit his job and decided to walk to the hot spring waterfall at the end of the world.
Great days, bad days, go-home-and-kick-your-dog days, Nobel Prize-winning days—it's a safe bet that the LHC will deliver all these days and more, but how the moods of particle physicists translate into scientific discoveries is another question. And not just particle physicists, but high energy physicists, condensed matter physicists, theoretical physicists, cosmologists, astrophysicists—physicists from almost every field are waiting to see what the LHC will find.
In this episode of the Strange Horizons podcast, editor Anaea Lay presents Margaret Ronald's "The Witch's Knives."
You wonder if radar will pick / you up as a spectral shadow
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