Table of Contents | 10 April 2006
Sometime before he came to New York Reece flew through a windshield and landed on a knife of glass. We had all seen the scar during Reece's brief turn as a model in Life Drawing, compared it to the abdominal scars of Warhol and Basquiat. There were two other long, wide scars on either side of his spine. We almost envied him; as scars go, his were admirably aesthetic, and we believed that suffering was good for a young artist.
Ingrid Sundberg grew up in Maine on the small island of Mount Desert. Surrounded by the ocean and forest, she began her appreciation of the connections between nature, spirituality, and art.
"My point of view is that humanity or American society has gotten off-track. We're coming upon a very destructive spiral. And I'm writing about reacting to that."
Congratulations to all of the winners!
I grew up / in a house made of clouds
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