Table of Contents | 10 September 2007
It had been the only way to talk, after her voice had stopped. He'd carved his words into the rock, and her replies had come welling back, the stone weeping thin script of pure metals.
Fernando Molinari was born in Argentina on November 19, 1963. His entire life has been dedicated to illustration. Painting has become a way of exploring and expressing himself in several ways.
But I never felt comfortable acknowledging to the rest of my class that my greatest thrill had come, while reading a passage a passage from Beowulf about how a great dragon ravaged the land, I suddenly said (and I think I actually said it aloud) "Oh my God! It's Smaug!"
Six long months of fever and vomit/later, he believes himself ready
A new episode of the Strange Horizons podcast, featuring an interview with Mary Robinette Kowal.
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