Table of Contents | 100 African Writers of SFF - Part Eleven: Durban and East London
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In this chapter, you will meet ...

... a philosopher whose day job informs his writing; and whose love of family pervades it as well

... a web design pioneer who came to writing late

... a working sangoma with a vocation to write his truths.
A city of contrasts, though on the days I visited, not a lot of sunlight.
“I don’t think anybody believes they are racists but there are signs and these traces of it in everything that we do. Our entire culture is set up like that. Which … which sucks. But it is like that.”
“Since Imagine Africa, I’ve been working on my next novel. What I’ve been stewing about, being adamant about, is that we are allowed to write about South African culture; and fuck the Western reader, I am writing for an audience here.”
“Our concepts of time are different. The Western model of time tends to project into the future, far into the future.”
“African science fiction’s blood runs deep and it’s old and it’s ready to come forth.”
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