Table of Contents | 12 February 2018
E.Z. came to me. Not the man in the flesh, I reckon he has had enough of flesh, but his words came pouring into me until they had nowhere to go but pour out on the page.
By: Mary Kuryla
Podcast read by: Anaea Lay
In this episode of the Strange Horizons podcast, editor Anaea Lay presents Mary Kuryla's "On the Occasion of A Burial of Ernest Zach Ulrich."
Have more wine, my dearest, yes
By: Amal El-Mohtar
Podcast read by: Ciro Faienza
Podcast read by: Sonya Taaffe
In this episode of the Strange Horizons podcast, editor Ciro Faienza presents Amal El-Mohtar's "The Maenad to Her Artist Friend," with commentary by editor emeritus Sonya Taaffe.
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