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"you know someone's a good friend when you're yelling about how much art sucks & how you hate everything & she's all 'it's ok, have more wine'" —likhain

Have more wine, my dearest, yes
I'll pour you jewels from fairy land
I could not offer any less.

Your blooming eyes, when in distress
unmoor me, turn my bones to sand.
Have more wine, my dearest, yes,

drown your traitor thoughts, and bless
your berry mouth with contraband
I could not offer any less

than this beating heart stamped into mess,
pulped within me where I stand—
have more wine, my dearest, yes—

I'll filter, bottle, age and press
the best of me into your hand
I could not offer any less—

so racked and riddled to impress,
I'm yours, entire, to command.
Have more wine, my dearest, yes

I could not offer any less.

Amal El-Mohtar is the Nebula-nominated author of The Honey Month, a collection of poetry and very short fiction written to the taste of twenty-eight different kinds of honey. She has thrice won the Rhysling Award for Best Short Poem and once received the 2012 Richard Jeffries Society Poetry Prize. Her short fiction has appeared in multiple venues online and in print, including Apex, Strange Horizons, Lackington's, and the special "Women Destroy Science Fiction" issue of Lightspeed magazine. She also edits Goblin Fruit, a web quarterly dedicated to fantastical poetry, with Caitlyn A. Paxson. She reviews books for Lightspeed and short fiction for Find her online at or on Twitter @tithenai.
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