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Rebecca smiles back, but her stomach's sour again. Hundreds of red-haired girls in Ireland, no doubt, hundreds of children who think they see faeries. She drags deep on the cigarette, trying to settle her stomach. No reason to think it's her girl, her faerie.
His professional work has come to include graphics development, photomanipulation, web design, and even video game development, with clientele in fields ranging from academia to small press literature to independent film.
I wanted Europe to be fairly recognizable, partly to take advantage of the fact that that's kind of the most familiar setting to my readers—Regency and Napoleonic Era England is something that a lot of readers have a lot of familiarity with from literature....
Some you love for superficial reasons, for their shape and color, for the texture of their pages and the scent of their history.
I didn't want to let you down
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