Table of Contents | 19 November 2001
You can't ride the rails for long without hearing about Ahavah.
These aren't your backyard-on-the-weekend superhero serials your little brother made all those summers ago with mom and dad's Super-8. No, these productions are polished comic or dramatic efforts. . . .
Frank hammers carrots all day   it works   the earth can't leave us
Marion [Zimmer Bradley] had set seven of Tolkien's poems to music in 1969 and called them "The Rivendell Suite." In 1991 we were asked by Marion's secretary if we would arrange, perform, and record "The Rivendell Suite" on cassette as a birthday present for Marion. In 1999, we re-petitioned the [Tolkien] Estate for further permission to make 2000 CDs, which was granted.
She pulled an envelope from the stack. It was the letter she'd mailed to her mother the week before. A red stamp over the address read: "Return to Sender. Addressee Unknown."
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