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Your bathtub ruptures: broken pipes spew everywhere, a garage door emerges through the tiled floor.
This is an essay on the commodification and extraction of time—from bodies and space through a conceptual and historical detour, asking questions of the science(s) that inspired it and the fiction written about it.
gravity can no longer hold our dead in their graves or their ghosts in our bones. they float in the air like alien ships, like doves spurting from exhaust pipes.
In this episode of Critical Friends, the Strange Horizons SFF criticism podcast, Reviews Editors Aisha Subramanian and Dan Hartland are joined by Abigail Nussbaum to tackle one of the thorniest issues in criticism: the negative review. What makes for a good bad review? Why do reviewers feel driven to write them? And are we now in an age where the hatchet job has had its day? Transcript Critical Friends Episode 5 [musical introduction] Aisha Subramanian: Welcome to Critical Friends, the Strange Horizons SFF criticism podcast. I’m Aisha Subramanian. Dan Hartland: And I’m Dan Hartland. In every episode of
Sometimes, writing fiction is the only way to get your experiences across to other people—and these experiences are caused by your own mind.
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