Table of Contents | 6 September 2010
The first roach appears in the sink, mahogany-dark and glossy against the stainless steel. Jessie grabs a sponge and slams it down, listens for the crunch of wings.
With this in mind, we announce that SH Articles will now be accepting submissions for creative and experimental non-fiction that engages the themes, genres, and concerns of speculative fiction. We are looking for intelligent, experimental pieces with critical content enhanced by personal experiences or reactions from the writer. Much like "new journalism" in the 60s and 70s, we want pieces that actively engage speculative fiction from the perspective of an insider and participant.
To put it another way, the thing that makes a vampire interesting in a supernatural story is not that it will suck your blood, but that it is a vampire at all . That it is a teratism, a thing outside of commonly accepted possibility. The better such a creature is understood, the more bound in rules it is, the more pedestrian and commonplace it becomes and, therefore, the less supernatural.
while other robots come and go,
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