Table of Contents | 7 Nov 2016
Invoke your gods. Gods of the sea, gods of the lost, gods of desperate measures—but most of all, gods who know you and consider you a friend.
I’m too miserable to feel love Knocking on my bones The door of my soul Wipes its feet before it shuffles open.
How can there be apples in these ecotopias if we do not consider the decline of bee populations around the world?
It’s a convoluted thing to review a book like The Star-Touched Queen , because the choice to straddle two worlds within the book is oddly mirrored in the realities of its reception.
If good writing is in one sense about embodying perceptions—about capturing in careful prose the little inspirations that make up how a writer sees the world—then Adam Roberts is a very good writer indeed.
In this episode of the Strange Horizons podcast, editor Anaea Lay presents Ada Hoffmann’s “A Spell to Retrieve Your Lover from the Bottom of the Sea.”
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