Table of Contents | 8 March 2004
Johnny's never seen a manitou packed into a muslin dress that tight before. He wants to slow down and take a better look. He tells himself it's only polite to be friendly to the little mysteries that live along the North Shore, but his eyes are caught by the line of her hipbone straining against the fabric.
"I am from Kent, England, and work in a variety of media including sculpture, photography, oil paint, printing, etc, and now computer enhanced images. I have always either mixed media or combined elements in order to get interesting results."
As a writer, I don't think anyone ever forgets the first time a fan sends a letter that moves you to tears. . . . Some of mine just happen to come with tattoo photos.
by stalking various tomorrows / as if they are a pack of wolves / I will wear one of them like a cloak / slip into its skin once it is mine
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