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Strange Horizons Gallery Presents...

Images of Mystery and Imagination: Carole Carmen

I am from Kent, England, and work in a variety of media including sculpture, photography, oil paint, printing, etc, and now computer enhanced images. I have always either mixed media or combined elements in order to get interesting results.

Having started off doing portraits and Natural History illustrations which were fairly detailed and restrained, I then went on to do a BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art, which gave me a lot more ideas about making images.

"Red Angel" is now the cover of Darker than Tin, Brighter than Sin (an anthology of strange angel stories) to benefit the Scholarship Fund of the Online Writing Workshop for SF, Fantasy & Horror.

"Grideye" is on the back cover of Issue 1 of Midnight Street.

I also think the short story is a great art form (like a little polished jewel), and have stories in the magazines Legend and Horror Express and work online at the Night Lands site (which features work set in the world of William Hope Hodgson's The Night Land -- a book which reads like a phantasmagorical oil painting). There are also stories upcoming in the anthologies Sutekh's Gift and Amazing Heroes.

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Tour Carole's work, piece by piece. View thumbnails of Carole's work.

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Carole Carmen's illustrations have appeared on various book and magazine covers and she also dips her toes in the dark waters of speculative fiction, with stories in Legend, Quietus Gothic Literary Magazine, Horror Express, Amazing Heroes, Sutekh's Gift, and online at The Night Land and Eggplant Literary Productions. To contact her, send her email at
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