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A witch never has enough time, and in the summer least of all.
║● 1 half-rotted black boot. Initial inferred usage: fashion. Final inferred usage: survival. (Note: the phrase “The crumbling signs of material wealth from an ineffectual species bent on effortless luxury. But we ended beautiful. We ended beautiful” added into record post-collection by unknown entity) ║●● 1 gas mask, attached to glass dome painted black, tiny fissures around points of contact. Conclusion: fatal. Within, plant material – desiccated: final attempt at oxygen exchange? (Note: the phrase “It was not enough green to remind a decaying species the color of their planet’s birthright. Of their birthright. So we kept experimenting.
I, Universe, admit mosquitos were a mistake
I woke too early and had to wait to be sure. It was dark outside at seven, dark still at eight, and that’s how I knew we had made it into the first mole-year of my young life.
trillions of cells carried you here
That’s right! When you look back in the family tree, a whale is a closer relative to a unicorn than a horse is
If you’ve ever spent a long hour, in vain, wielding next-level Google fu against unremitting waves of exploitation pulp written about queer men but not for or by us—unable to find a single book displaying any knowledge of or interest in your actual lived experience—then you know that gay bookstores were far better friends to us than today’s internet.
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