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Rasha Abdulhadi (Senior Fiction Editor)
Rasha is a queer Palestinian Southerner who grew up between Damascus, Syria and rural Georgia and cut their teeth organizing on the southsides of Atlanta and Chicago. They are a member of Alternate ROOTS, Southerners on New Ground, Justice for Muslims Healing Collective, and the Radius of Arab American Writers (RAWI). Rasha's work has appeared in Mizna, Room, Lambda Literary, and Strange Horizons, and is anthologized in Luminescent Threads: Connections to Octavia Butler and Halal if You Hear Me. As a community technologist, urban farmer, and once and future beekeeper, Rasha is a geek for science both fiction and fact.

Vanessa Aguirre (First Reader)
Vanessa got into writing after a kid in her fourth grade class said she wouldn’t be able to write as well as everyone else because English was her second language. So she participated in a state essay competition, fell in love with writing, and won first place. She now writes as a struggling college student in Austin, Texas. She has a soft spot for magical realism, but she loves reading anything from space operas to cozy fantasy. If you have any story recommendations, send them her way on Twitter @vnssaguirre.

Rachel Ayers (First Reader)
Rachel Ayers lives in Alaska, where she writes and hosts cabaret shows, daydreams, and looks at mountains a lot. She has a master’s degree in Library and Information Sciences which comes in handy at odd hours. She can usually be found @richlayers.

M H Ayinde (Copy Editor)
M. H. Ayinde was born in London’s East End, and studied English at university. She is a runner, a baker, and a screen time enthusiast. She writes science fiction and fantasy, which mostly involves making pretty spreadsheets and compiling music playlists. She lives in a house full of books and DVDs, with three generations of her family and their ageing feline overlord. Find her on Twitter @mhayinde and online at

Tierney Bailey (Copy Editor)
Tierney Bailey is a Libra, loves science fiction, is always singing obnoxiously, and studies Korean in her spare time. Tierney is also a Writing, Literature, and Publishing graduate student at Emerson College. As an East Coast transplant, Tierney still smiles upon the slightest bit of eye contact. If you can’t find her on a train, she can easily be found on Twitter as @ergotierney.

Scott Beggs (First Reader)
Scott Beggs writes regularly about movies and culture for Nerdist, /film, Vanity Fair, and other fine sites. He lives in California with his wife and two dogs named after Tom Robbins characters, and wants to be Buster Keaton's best friend. You can find his tweets at @scottmbeggs and read more at

Drew Matthew Beyer (First Reader)
Drew Matthew Beyer lives in New York where he works as an assistant film editor. He spends his nights fighting blank pages equipped with a good pen (losing more often than he'd like) and practices card magic of the trick, tarot, and Gathering varieties.

Bruhad Dave (First Reader)
Bruhad enjoys talking to new people, but is usually too nervous to actually do so, and will probably confine himself to making observations about them aloud to nobody in particular. He spends his time trying to justify his existence in academia, creating fictional animal species, and writing stories about them, as well as about other things. He thinks Bilbo was quite right to bemoan a lack of handkerchiefs when he set out to go There and Back Again. He lives by the wise words of Kate DiCamillo (‘Every action, no matter how small, has a consequence’) and Douglas Adams (‘Don’t panic’). He is from Ahmedabad but currently lives in Pune, where he is studying for a graduate degree in biology. You can read his writing in Catharsis Magazine and on his blog.

Gautam Bhatia (Senior Articles Editor)
Gautam Bhatia lives in New Delhi, India. He is a lawyer who spends much of his day job sitting in Court and reading the latest sets of SF novels that have been reviewed on Strange Horizons. He blogs about books and poetry at An Enduring Romantic, and tweets @gautambhatia88.

S. K. Campbell (First Reader)
S. K. Campbell is a writer from a deep-woods mossy place, somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Currently an MFA student at Purdue, she spends most of her time figuring out how to wrestle big feelings into small words, unpack the weird from the mundane, and catch that horror lurking in the corner. Work forthcoming in the anthology Violent Vixens. Twitter: @skcwords

Joyce Chng (Articles Editor)
Joyce Chng is Chinese and lives in Singapore. Qar writes urban fantasy, YA and things in between, and wonders about the significance of female knights. Also wrangles kids and cats. Qar's website can be found at (Also likes wolves).

Vajra Chandrasekera (Senior Fiction Editor)
Vajra Chandrasekera lives in Colombo, Sri Lanka. His work has appeared in Apex, Black Static, Clarkesworld, Lightspeed, and Strange Horizons, among others. He blogs occasionally at and can be found on Twitter at @_vajra.

Zhui Ning Chang (First Reader)
Zhui Ning Chang is a Malaysian editor, writer, and theatre maker. A key part of her work engages with decoloniality, queer hopepunk action, and building support and solidarity through storytelling. She has written for a variety of mediums including stage, audio, nonfiction and fiction. You can find her at and on Twitter @witchywonderer.

Rita Chen (First Reader)
Rita Chen is a disabled cyborg witch who loves writing, board games, mindfulness, and audio drama. She lives with her fibromyalgia in Edmonton, Alberta.

Tania Chen (First Reader)
Tania Chen is a Chinese-Mexican writer who is on the lookout for anything weird and speculative. They write to explore horror and where it can be found in this modern day and age. When they're not exploring the mortifying ordeal of being known, they are aggressively cheerleading other writers to finish their WIPs. Tania can be found screaming on twitter @archistratego under their pen name, Eliot C.

Liz Christman (First Reader)
Liz Christman is a writer living in the Seattle area. Her work has been featured in several anthologies of short fiction, Unwinnable Magazine, The Bronzeville Bee, and others. When she's not working on scary stories, she enjoys nitpicking her favorite topic to death: cult films. You can see her dumb musings on Twitter at @eew_christman and read her rants on her website:

Linda H. Codega (First Reader)
Linda H. Codega (they/them) is an avid reader, writer, and fan. Like most of us, they have a website and also a Twitter. They moonlight as an author, cultural critic, and narrative game designer. Their work has appeared in Helios Quarterly and Luna Station Quarterly, among others, and their essays and reviews have appeared on, The Observer, and Story Screen. They are also the game development editor for Codex, a monthly role-playing game magazine. They live in between a mountain and a river, and can usually be found on one or the other, depending on the season.

Kristian Wilson Colyard (First Reader)
Kristian Wilson Colyard writes fiction and poetry, reads, and does nerdy stuff from her home in the rural American South, where she lives with her husband and their clowder of cats. She’s on Twitter @kristianwriting, and you can find more of her work online at

Yelena Crane (First Reader)
Yelena Crane juggles being an adjunct professor, a freelance writer, and full-time mom in the storied streets of Philadelphia. She doesn't actually know how to juggle. With an advanced degree in the sciences, she has followed her passions from mad-scientist to speculative fiction writer. Yelena's flash has previously appeared in Flame Tree. You can read more from her here: YelenaCrane

Kate Cowan (Development)
Kate lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, and no, she doesn't mind the weather! Her favorite animal is the wombat, her favorite meal is dessert, and her favorite poet is Daphne Gottlieb. She likes lists, dystopias, and pie, and concedes that sometimes real life is stranger than fiction.

Sarah Davidson (First Reader)
Sarah Davidson is a writer, tutor, and Turkish Delight defender from Edmonton, Alberta. She has a couple of English degrees, a dog that looks like a bear cub, and an appetite for arcane trivia.

Tahlia Day (Copy Editor)
Tahlia is a freelance editor some of the time and an artist the rest of the time. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin with two cats, many paintings in varying states of completion, and many books.

Arinn Dembo (First Reader)
Arinn Dembo is a multi-genre author living and working in Vancouver, BC. Her writing credits include narrative design and background fiction for several videogame franchises, English language screenwriting for two animated series, and narrative architecture for two Artificial Intelligence projects. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in F & SF, Weird Tales, H.P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror, Deep Magic, and a number of anthologies. She currently serves as the President of SF Canada, the professional association for Canadian writers of speculative fiction.

Nathaniel Eakman (First Reader)
Nathaniel Eakman is a full-time vampire impersonator currently living somewhere near New York, where his hobbies include sleeping. He is a 2018 graduate of Viable Paradise, and ancient custom requires he mention that he's working on an MFA. He has no children.

Belen Edwards (First Reader)
Belen is a recent graduate from the University of Chicago, where she spent most of her time reading and studying all the speculative fiction she could get her hands on. When she isn't reading or writing, she's getting overly invested in television shows and cuddling her cat, Mosaic.

George Tom Elavathingal (First Reader)
George Tom lives in Bangalore, India. He spends his time studying short fiction and technology. He writes occasionally.

William Ellwood (Webmaster)

Rebecca Evans (Accessibility Editor & Development/PR)
Becca is an eternally exhausted grad student studying writing, rhetoric, and technical communication in Virginia. She enjoys talking comics, cats, queer fiction, and tea. When not in class or hanging out at the local comic book shop, she’s reading a book or working on her latest projects. Find her at @beccae96 or check out her portfolio.

Ciro Faienza (Poetry Podcast Editor)
Ciro Faienza (pronounced CHEE-roh) is an American/Italian dual-citizen currently residing in Boston. He has acted on stages and screens throughout Texas and Massachusetts, and his work as a filmmaker has shown at the Dallas Museum of Art, the Dallas Hub Theater, and the National Gallery, London. His fiction is featured in Daily Science Fiction and the UK-based Kzine. During the day he works as a copywriter for the diversity training company Diversity Wealth and Visiting Artist at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. Find him at

Courtney Floyd (Fiction Podcast Editor)
Courtney Floyd writes speculative fiction. Probably because she grew up in New Mexico, where she learned to write between tarantula turf wars and apocalyptic dust storms. Her work has appeared in Fireside Fiction Magazine and her audio drama, The Way We Haunt Now, can be found on Spotify. Find her online at and on Twitter @cannfloyd.

Lila Garrott (Senior Fiction Editor)
Lila Garrott has published fiction in Not One of Us and Cabinet des Fées, poetry in Jabberwocky, Mythic Delirium, and Strange Horizons, and criticism in The Internet Review of Science Fiction, The Encyclopedia of Women in Science Fiction, Strange Horizons, and at Garrott is also a staff reviewer at Publisher's Weekly, and blogs at They live in Somerville, MA, with one spouse and two cats.

Guananí Gómez-Van Cortright (First Reader)
Guananí Gómez-Van Cortright is a half Puerto Rican half Minnesotan full nerd who teaches children to use microscopes and dreams of writing for animation. She is a fan of benevolent hive minds.

Colette Grecco (Copy Editor)
Colette Grecco is a proud grammar and sci-fi/fantasy nerd who enjoys reading about how society's current failings could spell doom for humanity if taken to an extreme in the future (all in good fun, of course!). An aspiring author and editor, Colette has previously served as a fiction screener at Philadelphia Stories and a literary intern at BookEnds Literary Agency. Her hobbies include reading and writing Harry Potter fanfiction and speculative/dystopian fiction, following way too many food blogs, and talking to her cat. You can find her on Twitter here: @ColetteGrecco.

Julia Gunnison (First Reader)
Julia works in the fields of film curation and arts administration in Los Angeles. She enjoys nonfiction cinema, cultural criticism, and daydreaming.

Dan Hartland, (Book Reviews Editor, Reviews Contact Manager - UK)
Dan's reviews have appeared for some years at Strange Horizons, as well as in publications such as Vector, Foundation, and the Los Angeles Review of Books. He lives more or less in the centre of England, working as a freelance copywriter and resolutely unsigned singer-songwriter.

Sydney Hilton (First Reader, Poetry Editor)
Sydney is a thing made of spite, who consumes nothing but chai lattes; their favorite pastime includes buying cheap 90’s horror paperbacks on e-bay and watching films like Five-Headed Shark Attack on Syfy. You can find them and their bad takes @sydyendys.

Angela Hinck (First Reader)
Angela Hinck dreamed of being a magical girl as a kid, but decided to pursue a career in stories when her Sailor Moon aspirations didn’t pan out. It’s what brought her to NYC where she’s currently working to land an editorial job in the book publishing industry (and no, she hasn’t spotted any mythical creatures in the city yet, even though she’s read enough urban fantasy novels to know they’re hidden around here somewhere). When she’s not reading, you’ll find her getting her narrative fix with games, comics, and podcasts. Her preferences skew toward the queer and fantastical and she’s always looking for recommendations, so throw some her way over on Twitter @anhinck.

Stephen Ira (Poetry Editor)
Stephen Ira is a writer and performer. His poetry has appeared in venues like Fence, Poetry, and Paintbucket. He co-founded and co-edited Vetch: A Magazine of Trans Poetry and Poetics. He has performed at venues like La Mama and Dixon Place. “I Have To Think Of Us As Separate People,” a short film he made with Chris Berntsen, premiered at OutFest in 2019, and has since been screened worldwide. In 2013, he was a Lambda Literary Fellow. He has an MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop.

Amanda Jean (Articles Editor)
Amanda wrangles manuscripts as an editor of award-winning queer fiction—usually romance and/or speculative flavored. She was formerly the Acquisitions Editor at Less Than Three Press and co-host of The Hopeless Romantic podcast. In her limited free time, she tries to convince people to go on karaoke adventures and plays in too many D&D campaigns. She lives in delightfully dreary Seattle. You can find her on Twitter @amandahjean or at her website

Ai Jiang (First Reader)
Ai Jiang is a Chinese-Canadian writer. She's currently a columnist with Maudlin House and an editor/writer with Velvet Fields Magazine. Her work has appeared in Maudlin House and Neuro Logical, and is forthcoming in Haunted Waters Press, Beyond Words Magazine, among others. More at and on Twitter as @AiJiang_.

Sean Joyce-Farley (Copy Editor)
Sean is a poet and night-owl with a soft spot for speculative landscapes and space-friends made along the way. They can be found at

Lulu Kadhim (Articles Editor)
Lulu lives in London, UK. She writes science fiction and plays board games when she isn’t baking vegan treats. She works in Production at Six to Start, is a board member of Con or Bust, and a graduate of Viable Paradise XXI. Her love of speculative fiction is lifelong, and challenged only by her love of furry animals, of which she has one and a half.

Erika Kanda (First Reader)
Erika Kanda lives in Northern Virginia with her partner. She loves hot press paper, matcha macarons, and stories so immersive they make her forget what year it is.

Maureen Kincaid Speller (Senior Reviews Editor)
Maureen Kincaid Speller is by turns SF critic and copy editor, often all in the space of one day. She reviews SFF for Vector, Interzone and Foundation, among other places. She also blogs intermittently at She lives with Paul Kincaid in what the weather forecasters persist in calling 'the extreme south-east' of the UK, and owns three cats with strong views on the timing of breakfast.

Catherine Krahe (Senior Fiction Editor)
Catherine Krahe has been with us since 2011. Her fiction has appeared in Realms of Fantasy, Futures from Nature, Daily Science Fiction, and other venues. She is a 2011 graduate of Clarion West and serves as staff for the Alpha Young Writer's Workshop. Catherine lives in Iowa and plans to save the world by telling stories and planting trees.

Anna Krepinsky (First Reader)
Anna Krepinsky was raised in Toronto, Canada and Auckland, New Zealand. She has two cats and significantly more than two books, but never Quite Gets the Meme of the Moment.

Clayton Kroh (First Reader)
Clayton Kroh is a writer and editor living in the Pacific Northwest. His stories have appeared in Weird Tales Magazine and Flash Fiction Online, among others. He writes speculative fiction, as well as game content for titles like EverQuest and Magic: The Gathering. Find him on Twitter at @claytonkroh and the Web at

Natasha Leullier (First Reader)
Natasha went from being a professional archaeologist to letting the arts take over her life. She sings in a rock band and writes fiction with little concern for genre, and believes in the power of unfettered imagination. Her stories have appeared most recently in Literary Orphans, Circlet Press, and The Ginger Collect. She lives in Boston and in Quebec City. You can find her here:

A.Z. Louise (First Reader)
A.Z. Louise is a lover of birds, a killer of houseplants, and a former civil engineer. Their love of speculative fiction has been lifelong, but they became a speculative poet through pure serendipity. Links to their work can be found at

Dante Luiz (Art Editor)
Dante Luiz (@dntlz on Twitter) is a Brazilian illustrator and comic artist. His work has appeared before in anthologies from Bedside Press and TO Comix, as well as in several Brazilian venues of speculative fiction. Find him online at

Gui Machiavelli (First Reader)
Gui Machiavelli is an Italian-Brazilian writer and programmer based in Amsterdam. His work deals with the weird that materialises when one puts humans on the same ontological level as other organic and inorganic creatures, places and things. More on and on twitter as @guimachiavelli.

Cameron Mack (First Reader)
Cameron lives an unremarkable life in the visible spectrum. His struggles are the usual struggles: for connection with likeminded others; with finding meaningful work. Cameron's inner world is like the one on the outside—beautiful, often, subjectively speaking. It spills painfully out onto unpublished pages, and into the pages others have kindly written. As a Dungeon Master, he finds enjoyment in the slaughter of well-meaning heroes. Cameron's life occurs quietly in Northern Ireland, a fact with which he's very content—until such a time as Earthsea becomes an option. He’s heard the past might be a nice place to live, if anyone can give him a hand with that.

Samantha Manaktola (First Reader)
Samantha Manaktola is a writer, editor, and curator of stories in the Great Lakes Midwest. Her pride and joy is the Space Lesbian Book Club, a weekly online selection of SFF by and about marginalized folks. You can find her around the internet contemplating two of her true loves: space opera and floral prints.

Marisa Manuel (First Reader)
Marisa L. Manuel is an instructor and freelancer in Atlanta, GA. She’s served as an editor for Booth and Novice Writer, and she recently worked as Managing Editor of The Pinch. In her free time, she reads and writes speculative fiction, studies languages, and volunteers as a dog foster.

Jean McConnell (First Reader)
Jean McConnell edits and writes behind the Redwood Curtain in California, where she lives with her family. When she's not huddled under a blanket reading, she can be found in the garage doing woodworking or at the beach … reading. She loves creepiness, cheese, the Norwegian language, and the serial comma. She can be found online at

Maria Morabe (Copy Editor)
Maria Morabe was born in the Philippines and has drifted inland to the Midwest via the California desert. She studies bacteria, drinks all the coffee, and finds joy in stories and poetry. When she's not in the lab or reading, you might find her fencing, crafting, playing TTRPGs, or being enthusiastic about So Many Things on Twitter @yayforbooks.

Amelia Moriarty (First Reader)
Amelia Moriarty is a writer, dancer, and artist based in the Pacific Northwest. She works as an editor for the Timberline Review. Her journalism and illustration work has been published in newspapers and magazines such as Seven Days and Affinity magazine. Her poetry has been recognized by the Young Writers Project. She currently studies comparative literature at Reed College in Portland.

Emory Noakes (First Reader)
Emory Noakes is a queer Cleveland-born writer currently living in Columbus, Ohio. With a few miscellaneous degrees under her belt, she now scoops gourmet ice cream for a living. When not writing, you can find her trying to keep her plants alive and daydreaming about giant alien robots. Find her blogging about books at or on Twitter @emorynoakes.

Sarah Noakes (First Reader)
Sara Noakes currently lives in Alexandria, Virginia, having completed her MA in Professional Studies and Publishing at George Washington University. An avid reader and writer, she craves creepy stories that make her skin crawl, and has a niche interest in Children’s Gothic Literature, along with SFF. When she isn’t reading or writing, or at her retail job, you can find her putting 300+ hours into her Animal Crossing island, and playing numerous other video games.

Aidan Oatway (First Reader)
Aidan is a university student living in Canada. He enjoys reading old sci-fi/fantasy, playing music and writing fiction whenever he can.

AJ Odasso (Senior Poetry Editor)
AJ Odasso's poetry, nonfiction, and short stories have appeared in magazines and anthologies since 2005. Their first full-collection manuscript, Things Being What They Are, an earlier version of The Sting of It, was shortlisted for the 2017 Sexton Prize.  The Sting of It was published by Tolsun Books and won Best LGBT Book in the 2019 New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards.  AJ holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Boston University.  Currently a PhD candidate in Rhetoric & Writing at the University of New Mexico, they teach at UNM and Central New Mexico Community College.  They have served in the Poetry Department at Strange Horizons since 2012.

Joel Oliver-Cormier (First Reader)
As a reader, watcher, and player of SF, Joel Oliver-Cormier especially loves it when the genre lives up to its anti-anthropocentric potential and asks us to love and empathise with its freakiest monsters and aliens. A life-long student, he holds an MA in Musicology and is about to begin work on a PhD in Cultural Studies, specialising in ecocriticism and sound studies. An English Lit professor once referred to him as an “avant-garde thinker”, and while he’s still not sure whether it was meant as a compliment, it’s pretty much become the mission statement of his academic career and his life in general. He lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Kristina Palmer (First Reader)
Kristina lives in Switzerland where she works as a librarian. She is a general nerd who specializes in fantasy stories, board games, and baking. You can find her on twitter @FantastyReviews.

Karintha Parker (First Reader)
Karintha is a writer, reader, and proud-ish renter of an overpriced shoe box in New York. She also has an overpriced law degree, which just means she'll win every debate about why Lestat de Lioncourt is the best vampire to ever not live. When she isn't writing, she's barely surviving kitchen disasters of her own making, exploring the MET or singing the entirety of Phantom of the Opera from memory and off key. She's also got a scheme for immortality. Hit her up on twitter @yokarintha if you want in.

Anjali Patel (First Reader)
Anjali is a Black and South Asian computer whisperer and speculative fiction writer. She writes to explore queerness, agency, ancestral severance, convoluted mythologies of her own devising, and the stars. She lives with a grizzled dog who offered to teach her magic in exchange for free New York City rent. Find her at

Vanessa Rose Phin (Editor in Chief)
Ness is a queer Baltimorean with a gaming habit and a fondness for green things. Work hats include developmental editing, calligraphy, writing, learning design, and community management (that history degree was extremely useful). Ve started as an articles editor at Strange Horizons in 2012, and is constantly surprised about the number of fencers on the team.

Nicasio Reed (First Reader)
Nicasio Andres Reed is a writer and poet based in Wisconsin, though his heart and his dogs live in Tagaytay. His work has appeared in Strange Horizons, Lightspeed, Uncanny Magazine, Shimmer, and other venues. Find him on Twitter @nicasiosilang.

Belicia Rhea (First Reader)
Belicia Rhea is a writer who was born under a waning crescent moon in the Sonoran Desert. She spends much of her time obsessing about animals, planets, and brushing her absolutely relentless hair.

Endria Richardson (First Reader)
Endria Richardson is a Black and Malay queer writer and climber. Endria's writings on climbing, whiteness, ghosts, sisters, mothers, blackness, and queerness can be found in Syntax & Salt Magazine, Anathema Magazine, and Lonely Together, a qpoc climbing zine Endria co-created. Endria lives in Oakland, CA but hails from Worcester, MA.

Natalie Ritter (First Reader)
Natalie Ritter lives in Minnesota. She spends her days wrangling data and writing stories, and her work can be found in places such as Lackington's and Capricious.

Abbey Schlanz (First Reader)
Abbey is a sometimes-writer, sometimes-editor, sometimes-human currently living in Wisconsin. In her spare time she enjoys reading, hiking, doing tarot readings, and falling deeper down the rabbit hole of fiber arts. Her work has been published in Ohio's Best Emerging Poets: An Anthology, The Sandy River Review, and Calliope, among others.

Clark Seanor (Accessibility Editor)
Clark Seanor is a programmer, cosplayer, and language nerd who likes reading weird fiction and weirder comics. He grew up in Vancouver, but currently lives in the U.K.

Elijah Rain Smith (First Reader)
Elijah Rain Smith is the world's most beautiful man. He makes a mean sweet potato enchilada, he's a decent hand at welding, and he can barely drive. (That's why he's moving to NYC. After the world stops ending, he'd appreciate it if someone would add him to their D&D game.) His fiction is pretty blatantly inspired by Martha Wells, but that's okay. Shapeshifting fish people are fun to write about.

Alyn Spector (First Reader)
Alyn is a envirogeek with a passion for speculative fiction. He reads for Strange Horizons and Diabolical Plots. His work can be found in the Molotov Cocktail Magazine; Five2One Magazine; and the Mad Scientist Journal. Alyn lives in the Pacific Northwest with his spouse and two kiddos.

Hebe Stanton (First Reader)
Hebe Stanton is a copywriter by day and a voracious reader by night. Based in Oxford, UK, where she lives with her partner and a very demanding cat, she writes about her adventures in SFF and other genres at

Melody Steiner (First Reader)
Melody Steiner is an Indo-Guyanese American, a virtual reference librarian (yes, you can be a librarian from home) and a writer of speculative fiction, with works in Star*Line and She publishes under her real name and as S.R. Tombran. She is based in Ohio.

Romie Stott (Senior Poetry Editor)
Romie Stott is a filmmaker and closed captioner. Her poems have appeared in inkscrawl, Dreams&Nightmares, Polu Texni, and Liminality, but she is better known for her essays in The Toast and Atlas Obscura, and a microfiction project called postorbital. She has been a guest artist of the National Gallery (London), the Institute of Contemporary Art (Boston), and the Dallas Museum of Art. You can find her fairly complete bibliography here.

Aishwarya Subramanian (Book Reviews Editor)
By day, Aishwarya Subramanian is a PhD student who researches and writes about children's literature, fantasy and postcolonialism. By night, she's an SFF reviewer and editor (who writes about children's literature, fantasy and postcolonialism). She lives in India (Delhi) and the UK (Newcastle-upon-Tyne), blogs at Practically Marzipan, and spends far too much time on Twitter.

Yejin Suh (First Reader)
Yejin Suh is a student and aspiring writer from New Jersey. She is a travel writer for The Siblini Journal, and the managing editor of a student-run publication, The Lumiere Review. Right now she is ambitiously working on a YA Cyberpunk book. You can read her thoughts at

Kwan-Ann Tan (Copy Editor)
Kwan-Ann Tan is a writer from Malaysia. Her work has appeared in The Mays AnthologySine Theta Magazine, and Crab Fat Magazine, amongst others. You can find her at or on Twitter: @KwanAnnTan.

Luke Tolvaj (First Reader)
Luke Tolvaj is a Hungarian-American speculative fiction writer who enjoys critiquing the media he consumes. He writes fiction that centers queer trans people and explores deconstructing toxic masculinity. You can find him blogging at or on twitter @LukeTolvaj.

Ben Tyrrell (First Reader)
Ben Tyrrell is a writer from the South, but that doesn’t necessarily make him a Southern Writer. Honestly, he’s more interested in the Weird than he is in Faulkner or Carson McCullers. Recently, he earned an MFA in Fiction from Brown University, and has since retreated home to North Carolina to figure out what to do next. His work has appeared most recently in The Hong Kong Review. Check out his Instagram for pictures of plants and kitties @theEmporerofIceCream.

Renee Van Siclen (First Reader)
Renee Van Siclen lives in Minneapolis with her partner and fur children (two cats and two guinea pigs). She has a Master's degree in Public Policy, and when she's not reading genre fiction, she's usually listening to political podcasts, lifting weights, or working on a quilt depicting Edward Gorey's Gashlycrumb Tinies. She tweets at @SiclenAdAstra.

Kathryn Weaver (First Reader)
Kat Weaver is an illustrator and writer whose work has previously been published in Lackington's, The Toast, and Apex Magazine. She lives in Minneapolis with her girlfriend and two birds, and her portfolio can be found at

Liza Wemakor (First Reader)
Liza Wemakor is a queer Black woman. She writes speculative romance. Her fiction and poetry are published or forthcoming in Rabid Oak Journal, Burning House Press, the Shenandoah Film Collaborative blog, Strange Horizons, and elsewhere. As of Fall 2021, she’s a Ph.D. student (studying Black feminist fictions). Her hometowns are Syracuse, NY and Atlanta, GA.

Aigner Loren Wilson (Copy Editor)
Aigner Loren Wilson is a PNW writer originally from the Jersey Shore whose love of speculative fiction propels her through her everyday life. Her poetry, fiction, and nonfiction has appeared in Arsenika, Terraform, Nightlight, and more. She is a volunteer slush reader for Strange Horizons and the horror podcast Nightlight, and is also a member of the Codex Writers Group. Currently, she is working on a novel, the endless submission grind, and becoming a better writer than the day before.

E.M. Wright (First Reader)
E.M. Wright is a writer and attorney. She lives in a Pennsylvania valley with an average annual rainfall greater than Seattle’s, which is fine because she likes the color green.

Fred G. Yost (Webmaster)
Fred G. Yost lives in Austin, Texas, where he spends his days coding, his nights writing, and most of his remaining free thought on board games, ttrpgs, escape rooms, and mental health advocacy. He can be found at or on Twitter at @waidr. He attended Viable Paradise in 2016 and assures you that any rumors about him being a werewolf are patently untrue.

Vicki Xu (First Reader)
Vicki Xu is a university student studying Applied Math. In her free time, she reads as much as she can, takes long walks, and writes for the magazine of the Harvard Crimson. Find her on Twitter @vicku___.

For former staff member bios, see the Staff Emeritus page.