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Joseph Aitken (Proofreader)
Joseph Aitken was born in Canada and currently resides in The Woodlands, Texas, where he reads and writes and occasionally does other things. He can be found online at

Vanessa Aguirre (First Reader)
Vanessa got into writing after a kid in her fourth grade class said she wouldn’t be able to write as well as everyone else because English was her second language. So she participated in a state essay competition, fell in love with writing, and won first place. She now writes as a struggling college student in Austin, Texas. She has a soft spot for magical realism, but she loves reading anything from space operas to cozy fantasy. If you have any story recommendations, send them her way on Twitter @vnssaguirre.

Rachel Ayers (First Reader)
Rachel Ayers lives in Alaska, where she writes and hosts cabaret shows, daydreams, and looks at mountains a lot. She has a master’s degree in Library and Information Sciences which comes in handy at odd hours. She can usually be found @richlayers.

M H Ayinde (Proofreader)
M H Ayinde was born in London’s East End, and studied English at university. She is a yogini, a weekend warrior, and a screen time enthusiast. She writes fantasy, which mostly involves making pretty spreadsheets and playing JRPGs, for research purposes. She lives in a house full of books with her children, partner, and two imperious felines. Find her geeking out on Twitter @mhayinde and online at

Tierney Bailey (Proofreader)
Tierney Bailey is a Libra, loves science fiction, is always singing obnoxiously, and studies Korean in her spare time. Tierney is also a Writing, Literature, and Publishing graduate student at Emerson College. As an East Coast transplant, Tierney still smiles upon the slightest bit of eye contact. If you can’t find her on a train, she can easily be found on Twitter as @ergotierney.

Scott Beggs (First Reader)
Scott Beggs writes regularly about movies and culture for Nerdist, /film, Vanity Fair, and other fine sites. He lives in California with his wife and two dogs named after Tom Robbins characters, and wants to be Buster Keaton's best friend. You can find his tweets at @scottmbeggs and read more at

Kaitlin Beranek (First Reader)
Kaitlin Beranek is fascinated by words and how human stories create our global narratives. All we really have are our stories, and they are consistently what keeps human culture alive. Kaitlin is currently teaching English in South Korea and, in her free time, traveling, writing, prepping for graduate school, and watching Parks and Recreation.

Drew Matthew Beyer (First Reader)
Drew Matthew Beyer lives in New York where he works as an assistant film editor. He spends his nights fighting blank pages equipped with a good pen (losing more often than he'd like) and practices card magic of the trick, tarot, and Gathering varieties.

Bruhad Dave (First Reader)
Bruhad enjoys talking to new people, but is usually too nervous to actually do so, and will probably confine himself to making observations about them aloud to nobody in particular. He spends his time trying to justify his existence in academia, creating fictional animal species, and writing stories about them, as well as about other things. He thinks Bilbo was quite right to bemoan a lack of handkerchiefs when he set out to go There and Back Again. He lives by the wise words of Kate DiCamillo (‘Every action, no matter how small, has a consequence’) and Douglas Adams (‘Don’t panic’). He is from Ahmedabad but currently lives in Pune, where he is studying for a graduate degree in biology. You can read his writing in <