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Lagos 2060 cover

An update on the contributors' work since the anthology, according to Ayodele:

Afolabi Muheez Ashiru

… has continued to write SFF, focusing on a comics series, Tales of Conquest , working with USA-based artist Scot Mmobuosi. It's still not out, but a preview is available here.

Okey Egboluche

… when he contributed to the anthology, Okey was both a journalist and mainstream fiction writer for Author Me,, and Author's Den. Recently he had a mainstream story "Cash Money" published online by Brittle Paper.

Chiagozie Fred Nwonwu

… had been doing a lot of SF before Lagos 2060. He was probably the most committed to SFF. He's gone on to found with Chinelo Onwualu the online magazine Omenana and to publish many stories. Read one of them, "Deletion," in Saraba magazine.

Kofo Akib

I've not seen anything from her. I don't know if she's done a lot of writing. We are friends on Facebook, but I haven't seen her post about any writing… I found what I thought was her page under a slightly different name.

Adebola Rayo

… went on to become a speechwriter for Fashola (probably the most successful mayor Lagos has ever had) and was a member of the Pen Circle as well. Not seen much of her work since then.

Terh Agbedeh

… was a journalist, for a local paper. I am sure he has written more fiction and some SFF as well. I know he is a member of the African Fantasy Reading Group on Facebook, where he publishes a lot of micropoetry. He tells us he is working on a new science fiction story.

Temitayo Olofinlua

… I collaborated with her on African Futures, a three-city event funded by the Goethe Institut in 2015. She did a story that I curated set in a place in Lagos called computer village where you get hardware and parts. She re-imagined it in the future. We thought it up like a game—three narratives, three different people. Their narratives get conjoined at one point.


Geoff Ryman is Senior Lecturer in School of Arts, Languages and Cultures at the University of Manchester. He is a writer of short stories and novels, and science fiction and literary fiction. His work has won numerous awards including the John W. Campbell Memorial Award, the Arthur C. Clarke Award (twice), the James Tiptree Jr. Memorial Award, the Philip K. Dick Award, the British Science Fiction Association Award (twice), and the Canadian Sunburst Award (twice). In 2012 he won a Nebula Award for his Nigeria-set novelette "What We Found." His story "Capitalism in the 22nd Century" is part of Stories for Chip, edited by Bill Campbell and Nisi Shawl and published by Rosarium.
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27 Mar 2023

close calls when / I’m with Thee / dressed to the nines
they took to their heels but the bird was faster.
In this episode of Critical Friends, the Strange Horizons SFF criticism podcast, Reviews Editors Aisha Subramanian and Dan Hartland talk to novelist, reviewer, and Strange Horizons’ Co-ordinating Editor, Gautam Bhatia, about how reviewing and criticism of all kinds align—and do not—with fiction-writing and the genre more widely.
If the future is here, but unevenly distributed, then so is the past.
He claims that Redlow used to be a swamp and he has now brought them into the future before the future. Yes he said that.
My previous Short Fiction Treasures column was all about science fiction, so it’s only fair that the theme this time around is fantasy.
I’ve come to think of trans-inclusive worldbuilding as an activist project in itself, or at least analogous to the work of activists. When we imagine other worlds, we have to observe what rules we are creating to govern the characters, institutions, and internal logic in our stories. This means looking at gender from the top down, as a regulatory system, and from the bottom up, at the people on the margins whose bodies and lives stand in some kind of inherent opposition to the system itself.
Wednesday: And Lately, The Sun edited by Calyx Create Group 
Friday: August Kitko and the Mechas from Space by Alex White 
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