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A thousand years ago, in June 2019, our fund drive backers helped us fund a special issue on climate change. I publish it today from my home to yours, many of us on lockdown for an indefinite amount of time.  Reading "crisis" today, the first word that probably comes to mind is not climate, but disease. While the incursion of humans into wilderness habitats may be related to our current pandemic, it may seem a remote concern, or too much of one in a cup overfull.

The Earth is still in crisis; the climate is still changing. That has not gone away. But it might be like looking at the sun right now. I understand that. I have heard from some who cannot read more than a few pages at a time before anxiety skitters them off again. Some have dived into blissful fluff; others have looked for alternative futures, compared despairs. I have done all of these in the last few weeks, and one thing is clear: a speculative framework handles disaster of any sort. It is a space to engage with crisis.

The Strange Horizons team presents new speculations with climate at its heart. This issue deals with very difficult and potentially upsetting topics. We've added "infectious disease" as a content warning to help. Engage as you can. Discuss what interests you. Give the authors and editors your feedback and support. And take care of yourselves, folks.

Ness is a queer Baltimorean with a gaming habit and a fondness for green things. Work hats include developmental editing, calligraphy, writing, learning design, and community management (that history degree was extremely useful). Ve started as an articles editor at Strange Horizons in 2012, and is constantly surprised about the number of fencers on the team.
Current Issue
24 Jun 2024

I am a little sad that story has ended, even though I could have been the target
We are all harmonic oscillators / Sloshing around in watery bags of salt,
The Rise of Speculative Poetry 
Strange Horizons
Speculative poetry has the power to detach and disarm, to tease and pull, to play and emancipate.
Wednesday: Island Witch by Amanda Jayatissa 
Friday: The Silverblood Promise by James Logan 
Issue 17 Jun 2024
Issue 10 Jun 2024
Issue 9 Jun 2024
A Tale of Moths and Home (of bones and breathing) (of extrinsic restrictive lung disease) 
Phonetics of Draconic Languages 
Critical Friends Episode 11: Boundaries in Genre 
Issue 3 Jun 2024
Issue 27 May 2024
Issue 20 May 2024
Issue 13 May 2024
Issue 6 May 2024
Issue 29 Apr 2024
Issue 15 Apr 2024
By: Ana Hurtado
Art by: delila
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