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A big news week, this week! Which leads to a slightly list-y editorial, but hopefully with some items of interest.

Firstly, as you may already have spotted, we're inviting submissions for a special month focused on international queer SF, to be published in July. It's called Our Queer Planet, it covers all of our departments, you can read all the details here, and you have until 10th April to send us your work. It's a project we're all very excited about, and we hope it's going to be pretty special. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about it.

Secondly, we have a few staff changes. We're bidding a sad farewell to Cassandra Khaw, who's done a great job as our Media Reviews Editor over the last year, and (next month) to Sharon K. Goetz, who has for the last eight years been a stalwart of our copyediting team. We wish them both the very best in their future projects.

We're welcoming four new Copy Editors, who will help to keep everything we publish as clean as possible: they are:

Joseph Aitken, who was born in Canada and currently resides in The Woodlands, Texas, where he reads and writes and occasionally does other things. He can be found online at

Colette Grecco, a proud grammar and sci-fi/fantasy nerd who enjoys reading about how society's current failings could spell doom for humanity if taken to an extreme in the future (all in good fun, of course!). An aspiring author and editor, Colette has previously served as a fiction screener at Philadelphia Stories and a literary intern at BookEnds Literary Agency. Her hobbies include reading and writing Harry Potter fanfiction and speculative/dystopian fiction, following way too many food blogs, and talking to her cat. You can find her on Twitter @ColetteGrecco.

Allysha Pillay, a South African writer and reader of fantasy. She can be found at @teacup_magic, where she tweets her favourite music and artwork.

Dustin Katz, who lives in San Francisco and spends all his free time reading and writing. He has a Twitter account @dustinkatz, which he thinks technically counts as "writing."

And we're welcoming two new Associate Editors:

Jane Crowley, who is deeply enthusiastic about tea, being in and around water, and things with wings (mechanical or avian). By day she is a marketer for a UK university. By night she writes poetry and other miscellaneous fragments that occasionally find a home and get published.

Kate Dollarhyde, a rogue editor, narrative designer and writer of speculative fiction. Previously, she was the archivist for Locus Magazine's nonprofit, the Locus Science Fiction Foundation. Though she lives in Oakland, California, her true home is on the internet.

(Jane has in fact published poetry with us; you can find it in our archives.)

The Associate Editor role is semi-new for the magazine, in that it hasn't really existed for a number of years; but for a variety of reasons, now seemed like the right time to bring the role back. We've got a lot planned this year—Our Queer Planet is just the start—and I'm delighted that Kate and Jane have come on board to help me out with the administrative and logistical side of things, and to help take the magazine on to bigger and better things. You can reach all three of us with your questions or suggestions for the magazine at

Last but not least: we're still making our final decisions about Articles Editors. There's been a slight delay due to some unfortunate personal circumstances, but if you applied and haven't heard otherwise, you're still in the running. We hope to get back to you before the end of the month.

Niall Harrison is an independent critic based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. He is a former editor of Strange Horizons, and his writing has also appeared in The New York Review of Science FictionFoundation: The International Review of Science Fiction, The Los Angeles Review of Books and others. He has been a judge for the Arthur C. Clarke Award, and a Guest of Honor at the 2023 British National Science Fiction Convention. His collection All These Worlds: Reviews and Essays is available from Briardene Books.
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