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Welcome to the first episode of the new series of Strange Horizons podcasts! Our first foray into podcasting, earlier this year, was really more of a trial run. We may still be working out some of the kinks in the process, but we're back, and ready to have some fun.

The first episode of this new series (presented here in two parts) is a conversation with author Benjamin Rosenbaum. Ben has had fiction published in venues ranging from Fantasy and Science Fiction to Harper's, as well as right here at Strange Horizons, and his story "The House Beyond Your Sky" is a nominee for the Hugo Award this year. Ben spoke with Strange Horizons editor Susan Marie Groppi about a range of topics, including Creative Commons licensing, life in Switzerland, and of course his writing and other creative work.

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Direct links to the interview: Part One and Part Two.

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Susan Marie Groppi is a historian, writer, and editor. She was a fiction editor at Strange Horizons from 2001 to 2010, and Editor-in-Chief from January 2004 to December 2010.
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