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Strange Horizons is excited to present to you 100 African Writers of SFF, a series that will run through 2017, and beyond. 100 African Writers of SFF will explore the recent explosion of speculative fiction across the African continent. Written by the noted science fiction writer and academic, Geoff Ryman, who has drawn upon extensive travel and research to put it together, it will feature interviews with speculative fiction writers across various African countries. We hope to introduce our readers to exciting voices from Malawi, Tanzania, South Africa and Uganda, among others.

Strange Horizons will be taking this project forward from Tor, which published the first two issues (Nairobi and Writers in the UK) last year.

With an established tradition of SFF writing, and a thriving and diverse contemporary literary scene (as evidenced by the Jalada Collective's 2015 AfroFutures issue, the omenana magazine, and the African Speculative Fiction Society), the African continent is indispensable to the global SF conversation. Through 100 African Writers of SFF, Geoff Ryman and Strange Horizons hope to contribute to that conversation, and provide a bridge between the writers featured here, and the global SF readership.

We expect to bring you the first part of the series - on South African writers - by the end of February. Watch the Strange Horizons space!

Gautam Bhatia is an Indian speculative fiction writer, and the co-ordinating editor of Strange Horizons. He is the author of the science fiction duology, The Wall (HarperCollins India, 2020) and The Horizon (HarperCollins India, 2021). Both novels featured on Locus Magazine's year-end recommended reading list, and The Wall was shortlisted for the Valley of Words Award for English-language fiction. His short stories have appeared in The Gollancz Book of South Asian Science Fiction and LiveMint magazine. He is based in New Delhi, India.
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18 Sep 2023

Ama’s arm rested protectively around the girl’s shoulder as the giant bird glided above, its head angling right to left. Violet-black wings soared across a cloudless sky, blocking the sun’s midday rays and swathing sections of the village in deep shadow. Given its size, this argentavis was one of her first, but too far above for her to differentiate by name. Even across the distance, Ama could feel its heartbeat synced to hers, their lives intertwined until death.
She is leaving the world that is pink with desire, on her gray cardboard rocket ship.
Friday: Cursed Bunny by Bora Chung 
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