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Strange Horizons supports the Palestinian peoples' right to justice, freedom, equality, and self-determination.

At this time, we recommend reading and centering Palestinian people, their writing and reporting, and what they are asking of us as a global community.

Some of the contributors to Strange Horizons' recent special issue on Palestinian speculative fiction may be found here: Rasha Abdulhadi; Basma Ghalayini; N.A. Mansour; Nadia Shammas; Abdulla Moaswes; Fargo Tbakhi; Layla Azmi Goushey; Leena Aboutaleb; Najah Hussein Musa; Aya Ghanameh; Summer Farah; Sonia Sulaiman.

Current Issue
8 Jul 2024

The statue of that gorgeous and beloved tyrant, my father, stands in a valley where the weather has only ever been snow.
Panic will come / for every fuckwitted one of us
Neural-lace, my brain interfaced
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