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Strange Horizons will be accepting poetry and fiction submissions, along with non-fiction pitches, for their Caribbean special issue, edited by Suzan Palumbo and Marika Bailey beginning July 1, 2023 and ending August 15th 2023. All accepted fiction, poetry and non fiction will be selected from this open slush period. The issue is currently scheduled to be published at the end of October 2023.

Please note: This call for submissions is completely independent of regular Strange Horizons submissions, and is a separate queue with a different schedule. Only the details on this page will apply.

This issue focuses specifically on speculative fiction by writers who live in the Caribbean or are part of the Caribbean diaspora. Our definition is broad and inclusive. We recognize that the Caribbean is a vast region, encompassing a multitude of peoples, heritages, languages, histories, cultures and beliefs. All who live in or have roots in the region are welcome to submit. We especially encourage work from writers who are disabled, are of marginalized genders and sexualities or are from any underrepresented group. Please do not self reject, we want to read your stories!

With that in mind, one magazine issue cannot encompass, define, speak for or be representative of the region as a whole. We hope that this call inspires other publishers and magazines to highlight the exceptional work written by authors who live in or are from this dynamic, multifaceted region.

Genre: speculative fiction, broadly defined, including science fiction, fantasy, horror, surrealism, weird, interstitial, etc.

Marika is interested in reading work that is deeply invested in the inner workings of character and how that intersects with the Caribbean as a birthplace of modern history as well as revolution.

Suzan is interested in seeing work that explores cultural fusion, innovation, and that centers the lives of people who live in the Caribbean or are part of the diaspora. She is particularly keen on seeing stories that include or celebrate oral story telling.

Non-Fiction: Both editors invite writers to pitch non-fiction essays. Suggested topics include but are not limited to: Writing about place, authenticity, diaspora, and “State of Caribbean SFF Today” focused articles. We are open to any non-fiction pitches that focus on issues that affect Caribbean SFF.

Please note that if the pitch is for a translation, we expect the translator to be from the same demographic that is set out in the opening paragraph, for writers: "... writers who live in the Caribbean or are part of the Caribbean diaspora."

Note: Please do not self-reject. The above are broad stroke themes and are not strict must haves for this issue. If in doubt, please send your story, poem or pitch to us.

Word limit: 4,000 words for fiction. No lower limit, shorter preferred.

Language: English, including work that has been translated into English and work that contains English dialects or creoles.

Format: Please send only RTF, DOC, or DOCX files and try to stick to standard manuscript format as much as possible.

Multiple submissions: No.

Simultaneous submissions: Yes. Please indicate clearly in your cover letter if so, and withdraw promptly if accepted elsewhere.

Reprints: No

Pay rate: 0.10 USD per word for original fiction

Poetry: $50 USD

Nonfiction: $150 USD flat rate

Deadline: August 15th, 2023

No email submissions. Please submit stories using the submission form via the link below.

Cover letter: In your cover letter, please do briefly mention where you're from or where your roots are, so we have some idea of your relationship with the region that this special issue is focused on.

If you have any questions at all, please email Please do not contact or DM Suzan or Marika at their personal emails or on social media regarding this call.

This is the link to our Moksha submissions portal for the Caribbean SFF Special Issue.

Current Issue
10 Jun 2024

In summer, the crack on the windowpane would align perfectly with the horizon, right around 2 p.m.
airstrikes littering the litanies of my existence
I turn to where they are not, / and I nod to them, and they to me.
Issue 9 Jun 2024
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