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"It's not working," she told the witch when the door opened to her pounding. "He's still a beast."

Good news! The Washington Science Fiction Association has announced that “The Witch’s Knives,” by Margaret Ronald, is one of the finalists for its 2017 Small Press AwardStrange Horizons published this story on October 17, 2016. It follows a woman named Leah, who is desperate to end a witch’s curse. But does she know what the curse is really for? Read the story again, or for the first time, here.

Margaret Ronald has been publishing stories with us since 2006, beginning with “The Welsh Squadron.” We’re excited to see her getting recognition for her story.

Congratulations, Margaret, and best of luck!

Ness is a queer Baltimorean with a gaming habit and a fondness for green things. Ve works as a developmental editor, learning designer, and writer, with the occasional calligraphy commission on the side. Ve started as an articles editor at Strange Horizons in 2012.
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