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remember … we met
a long time ago, at the end …

at the end
of another life, of another time
when we were both gods
in the twilight of the universe
we left behind
for the little solace
we found
among the dying stars

these stars, these pyres
to a love that once lit the night
under a smoldering sky, stricken
with the fervor of
cosmic beings, whose passions,
whose pain, irrepressible
in its intensity,
threatened existence itself

and so, we were forced to part
we were forced to forget
that other life, that other time
abandoning all we had
for the little solace
we found
among the dying stars

and whatever happens now
whatever we are after this
I want you to know
I need you to know
that I never stopped
that I never stopped looking for you
wherever, whenever that took me
because I knew that
no matter what stood in our way
or what we became
we would always find ourselves
again, here
here, at the end of all things

but now, it seems you’ve really forgotten
now, it seems you’ve really left me behind

and I … and I … need you to speak
to say something, anything
before the time comes
and it’s all over
and we have nothing left …

I remember

In addition to their work at Solarpunk Magazine as a poetry editor, and at Android Press as an editor, J.D. Harlock’s writing has been featured in Strange Horizons, New York University's Library of Arabic Literature, and the SFWA Blog. You can find them on TwitterThreads, and Instagram @JD_Harlock.
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20 May 2024

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