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The Rapture has occurred, but backwards
and the son of God is stuck in Daviess County, Missouri
also known as Adam-ondi-Ahman.
Jesus Christ has landed, as foretold, (but backwards)
in Daviess County, Missouri (Adam-ondi-Ahman)
and nobody has been lifted up, nobody meets him
in the sky, nobody drops to their knees, wondering
at the great symbol in the heavens.
The runes are written in wavelengths that surpass 800 nanometers.
Only the greater wax moths are wondering, only the greater
wax moths can appreciate Gabriel’s trumpet compositions,
but they have not been lifted up.
Jesus Christ, is he prepared
to establish a theocratic government? No, no, the necessary
amendments to the divinely inspired Constitution must pass
with two-thirds of the house and senate, three-fourths of the
state legislatures. Seven-eighths of the house and senate have been
cast out as the Sons of Perdition.
The remaining lawmakers hesitate to unify Planet Earth
under a global government.
One hundred and eighty two years ago, Sheriff Morgan was ridden through
Daviess County, Missouri (Adam-ondi-Ahman) on an iron rail
and perhaps after his death, the Holy Spirit has spent its time just
gearing up for another suitably
magnificent natural

Audrey Zheng is currently a student in high school. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in MORIA and The American Journal of Poetry.
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5 Jun 2023

Jackson sat at Kay’s bedside, one of her hands laid atop his, palm to palm, fingertips against the soft inside of her wrist. His fingers measured her temperature and pulse, her blood pressure, and her blood oxygen levels. She was no weaker or stronger today than yesterday. He was unsurprised and uneasy. Her vitals were regular with sleep. She had been resting when he returned from the shore.
You do not mean this as slang.
certain people of the town go outside, kick off their shoes
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