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O Pendulum of the Years
unravel this
[wrecked, tangled
Tell stories of crystalline
infinities !!!
[wrought iron and canvasses. Investigators
Could you pray for us & our
dirigible souls
[it happened all of a sudden,”
The storm rises rattling
Suddenness sounds
[of any bodies.
Source: Naval Historical Center. Photo # NH 80769. Public Domain. Edited image from the construction drawings of the USS Akron.
Plummeting shipwreck of air
Atlantic crash
[they were led
Like a crystal ruminant
Shattering light
[rigid, semi-rigid and non-rigid
Thunderclaps on the breakers
Spectres aflame
[over 1,000 feet Imperial. Goldbeater’s skin
Could you come to our aid You
Oxygen all


Image Source: Naval Historical Center. Photo # NH 80769. Public Domain.

Poems by O Mayeux have appeared in CuratedAI (with an artificial intelligence co-author), MockingHeart Review, Assaracus, and other journals. Recent projects include a collection of computer-generated asemic poetry, Artefacts (Post-Asemic Press, 2018), and a blueprint for an interdimensional xenolinguistic navigation module made with fiberboard and marker pens.
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15 Apr 2024

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