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It feels like whenever I need to boil the wool of bat

the sink is clogged. Or you forget to cover the ram’s blood

overnight and the whole spell is ruined.


It’s lonely, starting the incantation when you are

in the other room with your headphones on.

Though there are the little things. How you make sure


the orb is glowing before I return from work.

Nights spent side by side, weaving webs from goblin

Eyelashes, feeling like a home.


If only we’d purchased a larger cauldron!

More nets for the bird bones, an extra broom!

These wolf skin blankets, light and grey as fog


are a few inches too small to cover both our legs.

Outside, the raven’s moon rises. Or maybe it’s passed.

Who can even tell with these screaming neighbors?


And you and I huddled by the space heater in Baba Yaga’s hut

laptops open, searching through the rental listings to conjure

a new life. Sturdier walls. Wood floors.


Something with a yard for our furry familiar

who sleeps in the curl of a crescent moon

and suddenly looks up, ears perked, and barks, “Poof.”

Lincoln's fiction and poetry appear in Granta, Weird Fiction Review, Tin House, Hobart, and elsewhere.  Their debut story collection, Upright Beasts, was published by Coffee House Press in 2015.  They teach Speculative Fiction at Sarah Lawrence University.
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10 Jan 2022

Angela says if I want to film the rituals, I cannot do so as an outsider or a guest. The rituals are private, she says, and a secret. That is the problem, I say, I want to film them because they are a secret.
Before she knew it, she was falling out of the sky like a waterfall and through a canopy of thick, wet leaves. Fell hard into the soil.
There is a djinn for everything: every act of forgetting, every act of remembering. Every act of oppression, every act of protest. Every act of civil resistance, every arrest, every injury, every death. There is a selfish djinn, and a selfless djinn. There is a djinn for beauty, a djinn for zakhm, a djinn for kindness, a djinn for empathy. A djinn for absence, a djinn for inaction; a djinn for climate, a djinn for crisis, a djinn for war, a djinn for peace. What are words but
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Strange Horizons
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