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welcome, stranger! welcome, stranger!
first, rest your weary eyes; first, rest your weary eyes;
then choose your door: then choose your door:
it matters not which, it matters not which,
for—just as one skeleton for—just as one skeleton
is the same as another— is the same as another—
these, too, are almost the same, these, too, are almost the same,
leading you to one room. leading you to one room.
come in, and come in, come in, and come in,
you are welcome here! you are welcome here!
on that singular chair, sit: on that singular chair, sit:
and I will tell you a secret. and I will tell you a secret.
you must divide yourself you must divide yourself
from yourself, and submit, from yourself, and submit,
to find what was never to find what was never
meant to be found: meant to be found:
a third room, in a third room, in
the two-room suite the two-room suite

Lucy Harlow grew up in England and Hong Kong, and currently lives in Philadelphia. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in Strange Horizons, Aliterate, Bracken, and others. She is a PhD candidate in the English department at Princeton. Her website is
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16 May 2022

we are whispered into this new land, this old land, whispered anew
i tuck myselves under coffin nails. and then i am the sun like a nairobi fly, burning spine and skin.
The last deer in heaven flees, and Sestu pursues.
Issue 9 May 2022
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Issue 18 Apr 2022
By: Blaize Kelly Strothers
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By: Devin Miller
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Issue 14 Mar 2022
Strange Horizons
Issue 7 Mar 2022
Strange Horizons
28 Feb 2022
We would like stories that are joyous, horrific, hopeful, despondent, powerful and subtle. Write something that will take our breath away, make us yell and cry. Write unapologetically in your local patois and basilects in space; make references to local events and memes to your heart’s content. Write something that makes you laugh and cry. Indulge in all the hallmarks of your heritage that you find yourself yearning for in speculative literature, but know that we will not judge you based on your authenticity as a Southeast Asian. 
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